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Thank you for visiting my site. This is a non-profit site. I do not support any of the advertisements or the annoying pop-up ads (but they do help to keep this site relatively inexpensive). If you have any better quality postcards than those here, or if you have ones that do not appear on this site please contact me here. If you have any additional information about these cards or individuals that appear on them please also let me know. Thank you. (last updated 2-06-05).Click here for a brief history of Boonton.

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  01-High School                    02-John Hill School                    03- Street Scene                     04- Waterfalls                             05- Reservoir Bridge

  06-Park                              07-Arch Bridge                   08-Overlooking the reservoir   09-Methodist Church               10-River Scene

   11-Along the canal                12-Public School                 13-Main Street                   14-Silk Mill                                   15-Main Street

  16-Dam                            17-High School                   18-Train Station                 19-River Scene                       20-Overlooking the Falls

  21-Glenn & Falls                  22-Myrtle Avenue                23-Park                             24-Cornelia & Main Streets      25-Battery Works

   26-Railroad Station               27-Lackawanna RR Trestle      28-View of town                       29-Grace Lord Park                      30-Arch Bridge

    31-Public School                        32-Flat Iron Building                   33-Church                                34-Railroad Depot                     35-Airplane View

  36-Dam                                      37-Upper Main Street               38-The Boulevard                   39-Foot Bridge                           40-River & Canal

   41-Public School                       42-Building                               43-Lackawanna Station          44-Camp Kenilworth                  45-Falls

   46-Scene around Boonton            47-Swimming Hole              48-N.J. St. Fireman's Home     49-Church                                  50-Lawn(Pudding Stone Inn)

  51-Reservoir Bridge                   52-Knoll                                    53-The Falls                            54-River Scene                          55-Pudding Stone Inn

  56-Main Street                           57-Upper Main Street               58-Pond                                  59-Rockaway River & Br.            60-Airplane View

  61-Dam of J.C Reservoir             62-Woman Fishing             63-Soldiers Monument             64-Main Street                           65-Rt. 287 & River

66-Fireman's Home                    67-Church                                      68-Post Office                          69-Main Street                        70-Rockaway River

    71-Birdseye View                      72-Skating on Pond                  73-Bridge below Res. Dam      74-Pond Bridge                          75-Gazebo(old)

76-Library Building                    77-Main St (from Cornelia)       78-Washington Rock                79-City Park                             80-Above the Falls

   81-The Falls                               82-Engine House                     83-The Falls                            84-Lovers Lane                          85-Along the Canal

  86-Main Street                            87-View/Rockaway River          88-Boat House                        89-Main Street                         90-Scene around Boonton

   91-R.C. Catholic Church           92-Lower Main Street                93-Morris Canal/Foundry          94-House                                   95-R.C. Church

   96-J.C.Resewrvoir Overflow      97-The Arch Bridge                98-Old Boonton Road              99-U.S. Post Office                  100-The Dam   

   101-Reservoir drought pic 1    102-Reservoir drought pic 2  103-River Scene                         104-Canal&Iron Foundry          105-Incline Plane #1

    106-Incline Plane #2       107-Lock #12                         108-Reservoir (from distance)        109-Painting of town               110-River & Canal above Falls

111-Washington St. Bridge       112-School                              113-High School                      114-High School                         115-Roman Catholic Church

   116-Washington Street            117-Morris Canal & River          118-Post Office                          119-1923 Card                       120-Rockaway Flowing

    121-Winter Scene                 122-Winter Scene                  123-Boonton Falls                   124-Lone Rock                       125-Scene around Boonton

   126-Boy near Falls                   127-Bridge over Mirror Lake      128-Farm scene                      129-View along canal               130-Along Banks

   131-Dam                                  132-Boonton Station                133-Boonton Falls                   134-Knoll                                 135-R.R Depot

  136-School                              137-Morris Canal Plane            138-Gazebo                              139-The Pool                           140-New Viaduct

   141-The Oaks                          142-Washington Street             143-Birch Street Steps             144-Silk Mill                              145-Main Street

   146-Main St./Drug Store          147-Main St.-old                      148-Railroad Station                149-Maxfield Engine House     150-View from Fireman's House

      151-River                          152-The Pool                           153-Morris Canal & Foundry    154-Hospital                          155-Making a fine catch

   156-The Falls                              157-Boonton Falls               158-Overlooking the Falls         159-Main Street                        160-Jersey City Reservoir

   161-Scene around Boonton       162-Scene around Boonton    163-Scene around Boonton   164-Scene around Boonton    165-Scene around Boonton

   166-Scene around Boonton   167-Bridge Crossing               168-Elks Club House                169-Fireman's House                     170-Lovers Lane

   171-Town Hall                        172-Scene around Boonton       173-Arch Bridge                 174-Arch Bridge                       175-Business Section

  176-Town Hall                         177-Tourne                              178-Public School                   179-The Gorge                       180-Battery Works

   181-Birdeye view of Boonton    182-Overlooking the Falls       183-Mirror Lake                      184-City Park                           185-The Falls

   186-Cornelia Street                  187-Soldiers Monument           188-Scene around Boonton   189-1960's pic #1                    190-1960's pic #2 

   191-1960's pic #3                      192-1960's pic #4                193-Main Street                        194-Upper part Depot                195-Arch Bridge

  196-Lake                                    197-Train Station                 198-Kanter Auto Products        199-Dam                                    200-Lock #12 East         

  201-Pond Bridge                        202-The Canal from Plane         203-Horse Shoe Bend     204-Business Card                   205-Baseball Team 

  206-Arch Bridge below Falls      207-Washington St. Bridge   208-Trolley                              209-Main Street                         210-Boonton Park Manor

  211-New Lackawanna St.                  212-Split Rock                   213-The Raceway                        214-Canal & Plane                    215-Main St. Building

  216-National Bank                       217-Medal (front)                  218-Medal (back)                 219-Canal & River                      220-Indian Rock   

  221-Overflow at Reservoir            222-Canal Plane                    223-N.J. State Home          224-Main Street                         225-Winter Scene

  226-Silk Mill                                227-Diner                              228-Floyd W. Tredway             229-Camp Kenilworth           230-Boonton (general)

  231-Boonton (general)              232-New bridge over pond  233-Vacation House                234-Boy near falls                235-Methodist Church

  Gazebo (old)                                              
  236-Gazebo(old)                          237-N.J Fireman's House      238-Main St. from Division        239-1st Presbyterian Church   240-Exhibition photo

  241-Dam                                     242-Falls                               243-View from lawn                 244-Scene around Boonton    245-Plane

  246-Arch Bridge                       247-State Fireman's House      248-Falls & Swimming Hole       249-Falls & Swimming Hole   250-Rockaway River

  251-John Hill School                   252-Pudding Stone Inn          253-Boonton High School              254-Public School                255-Arch Bridge

  256-Camp Kenilworth                  257-Man near river                 258-D.L.& W. Station                  259-Public School                 260-Swimming hole

  261-Methodist/Episcopal Ch.      262-Main Street                      263-Mansion House                       264-Pretty view                 265-Flat Iron building

  266-Scene around Boonton       267-M.E. Church                     268-Club House                        269-Business section             270-1st Pres. Church

  271-Presbyterian Church         272-Public School                   273-Grace Lord Park                  274-Episcopal Church            275-John Hill Grammar School

   276-Harris Lyceum Ad               277-Canal Plane                       278-Bridge over Pond                   279-Hospital                           280-Our Lady of MC Church 

  281-The Pond Bridge              282-Theatre Program               283-Lackawanna Station            284-Boonton Falls                          285-Morris Canal

  286-Morris Canal &Foundry         287-Boonton Pond                    288-Scene around Boonton           289-Old Arch Bridge               290-Main Street

  291-In the park                        292-Main & Division                    293-Main & Mechanic                294-Business Section                    295-Slovak Sokol Camp 

296-TV Center                            297-Allen Court                      298-Bridge & Pond               299-Reformed Church Plate  300-Morris Canal